iDNS 1.3

Changes in iDNS 1.3

  • Several bug fixes and increased reliability
  • New start and stop button to fit in with Mac OS X
  • Ability to import and export iDNS data with the option of encrypting the data
  • Ability to set the Negative Caching TTL

iDNS 1.2

Changes in iDNS 1.2

  • Improved log view scrolling.
  • Fixed problem viewing zone count when just opened
  • Fixed a bug in the UI when editing machine records

iDNS 1.1

Changes in iDNS 1.1

  • Fixed log scrolling. Now automatically scrolls to bottom of log when it is updated.
  • Improved reliability of loading and saving data
  • Fixed various UI bugs
  • Improved method for starting and stopping the server
  • Added support to allow zone transfer to specific addresses
  • Improved overall stability and reliability

iDNS 1.0

First Release

iDNS Icon

First release of iDNS!